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KITE’s Campus Hacker’s Hostel


KITE’s Campus has a Hacker’s Hostel (H2) for aspiring technology entrepreneurs. H2 is a critical element of the eco-system that EduEnrich has created to enable creativity and technopreneurship to flourish.

Up to 20 young programmers, designers, technologists and IT specialists can work, eat and sleep at the campus. Basic amenities such as accommodation, food, electricity, utilities and of course wireless internet are available to these young people at subsidized rates. Most importantly, residents will be able to exchange ideas with other like-minded individuals and benefit from networking.

Many venture capitalists will be able set up shop at KITE-Technology Incubation Center because of H2. We expect that most of our residents will be working at the Technology Incubation Center either as independent entrepreneurs or as part of a company in that space. With the aspiration that this hacker hostel becomes an epicenter of hot start-ups, EduEnrich has dedicated an entire floor of the KITE Campus for this purpose.