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Documentary Film on Abdus Salam


The documentary by Kailoola Productions Ltd. focuses on capturing the life story of Abdus Salam. It unwraps how he started out with humble beginnings and went on to become one of the leading physicists of the 20th century.

Salam is the only Pakistani and the first Muslim Nobel laureate in the sciences. Salam’s story will enlighten and entertain, and celebrate his vision of science as a bridge between cultures. The Salam docufilm will inspire generations of children, particularly from developing countries, to pursue science and contribute to what Salam called "the shared heritage of humanity.

The docufilm will be a narrative biography tracing Salam’s path from a small village in rural Pakistan to the United Kingdom and Italy. The story will be told using archival footage, interviews with colleagues, students, and family-members, and on-location footage from Pakistan, the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. Salam's science will be explained with the aid of 3-D animations and interviews with experts from the field.

the shared
heritage of humanity